The Strength Happens Program

A strength and conditioning program developed for personal training that is effective in one-on-one, semi-private, and small group training situations. At its core, it incorporates concepts used by high-level athletes in a dynamic, seasonal training regimen that improves both physical and mental strength.

Our unique design is effective for every client’s current condition regardless of age, gender, or ability, thus allowing you to achieve personal health and fitness goals and enabling you to live your life to the fullest.

In the Strength Happens program, the mind and body both are forced to adapt to different stimuli ensuring continual results. Throughout the year, it utilizes many forms of training, including plyometric, speed and agility training, power and strength, as well as balance and mobility exercises. Through the seasons, you'll see how Strength Happens drives physical improvements aerobically, in your balance, your strength and power, your speed, and your endurance. Mentally, you will also notice improvements in your focus, sense of well being and outlook.

In a typical Strength Happens work out, you perform a cardio warm up, dynamic active stretches, tissue work, and movement prep. Then you move into the first circuit of plyometric and ballistic movements, followed by strength and power movements. You finish up with strength, endurance, and anaerobic threshold work.

Sean Campos