Embrace the fat! Dietary fat that is!


Why? Because fat is what is going to make you feel satiated, is going to let you absorb your nutrients, and is going to help your brain function. It also improves blood cholesterol levels, reduces inflammation, and helps you body stay in the fat burning zone. We almost forgot to mention, fat is delicious.

All fat is not created equal, monounsaturated fat (think nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil) and polyunsaturated (nuts, seeds, certain fish) are the healthiest. Aim to get most of your fat from these sources. Saturated fats (coconut oil, meat, dairy) are also okay to eat but you can overdo intake of them. Trans fat and partially hydrogenated oil are to be avoided as much as possible.

In our general nutrition plan, we suggest aiming to get 40% of your calories from fat. This will help you feel satisfied and full.

Emily Grass