Are Carbohydrates Evil?


Are carbs evil? Carbohydrates are the fastest, most easily available form of energy for our bodies. We absolutely need carbohydrates. That being said, the type of carbohydrate, how much you eat, and when are important.

Aim to eat carbohydrates that are not high in sugar and that are not heavily processed but ARE high in fiber. This is going to help your body digest. Think in terms of whole grains and Whole Foods.

We do not need a lot of carbs to energize us. A piece of bread, 1/4 cup of granola, a small potato, or a small piece of fruit is a serving.

Since carbohydrates energize us, we suggest eating them primarily in the mornings. If you have a very active day or a workout planned after work, you might also include them with your lunch. Since we are winding down for the day in the afternoon and evening, we do not need as much energy, so we suggest tampering them off at this time. Carbohydrates that don’t get used get stored as fat on our bodies, so we want to optimize their use.

Emily Grass