Mike Claytor

Owner, Head Trainer, C.P.T.

When Mike opened SB Training in 2006, he drew from his own experience as a competitive athlete and from years of work in private training facilities and physical therapy clinics.

Mike has competed in athletics for most of his life: as a wrestler in junior and senior high and later in triathlon, power lifting, jujitsu, and mountain biking.  For Mike, competition gives him the drive to keep pushing for more out of himself and his clients.

Mike earned a degree in business and finance with a minor in exercise science. His professional credentials include certified personal trainer, certified nutrition specialist, USAT triathlon coach, certified EMT, as well as current CRP and AED certifications.

The training protocols developed andutilized at SB Training are grounded in  basic fundamental concepts and always reflective of the maturation of the fitness industry.Mike believes that no matter how young or old, you can learn to be fit and healthy--

but there is no substitute for hard work.


Lydia Kitahara

Although born in Santa Barbara, Lydia grew up in rugged northern California. From an early age she developed a passion for the active outdoor lifestyle. Exposure to sports such as snowboarding, surfing, ocean kayaking, backpacking and rock climbing only reinforced a love of the outdoors and the thrill of a great challenge to the mind and body.

After returning to Santa Barbara in 2003, Lydia decided to turn her love of health and exercise into a career. She now is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Lydia originally started at SB Training through their internship program in early 2009. She has gained a wealth of knowledge in the fundamentals of methodical, personalized training. Lydia is also able to draw from personal experience. She has learned firsthand the challenge and success of endurance training, competing in road and trail races of varying distances and completing her first marathon at age 24.

Today Lydia enjoys training private clients as well as teaching group classes of all ages and fitness levels. What Lydia enjoys most about personal training is the relationships she builds with her clients and being able to see people achieve their goals through hard work and discipline.


Angie Ruccio

Angie Ruccio was raised in Arkansas and received a bachelors degree in Recreational Therapy from Henderson State University. Her desire was to help people find healthy forms of recreational skills to enhance quality of life through exercise, sports, art, and outdoor recreation. 

Angie’s journey into the healing arts began with her first yoga class. Shortly after, she decided to undergo a 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training. Her passion for health and wellness led her to massage therapy. In 2004, she graduated from the Body Wellness Academy. Since then, she has taken advanced classes in Sports Massage and studied Thai massage in Thailand. Angie has completed an internship program through SB Training, and recently became certified as a personal trainer through ISSA.

She loves massage and providing therapeutic work for athletes and people who are striving to keep their bodies in good health. Angie believes chronic aches, pains, and imbalances in the body can be avoided through proper strength and endurance training. She utilizes her knowledge of massage, yoga, and strength training to build personal programs for optimal health of body, mind, and spirit. She feels very fortunate to be part of SB Training gym where everyone is like family and the opportunity to keep learning and growing is endless!


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