Strength renews our body, rebalances emotions, and gives a fresh take on life.

It makes us healthier and brings freedom to do the things we love. Strength is the gateway that leads to a quality life.


Strength Happens is an all-encompassing fitness program.


A workout method we adapt specifically for you.

Allowing you to achieve optimum body composition, increased aerobic capacity, and greater flexibility and balance.

Results happen … with a proper strategy.

The Strength Happens method was developed at SB Training where our unique fitness approach makes your workout time more effective and results more accelerated…no matter your skill level, no matter your age.

This is your pathway to looking and feeling the best you have in years… or ever!

STRENGTH Happens … Santa Barbara!

For competitive athletes in training, weekend warriors, or anyone facing the tasks of daily life - building strength with the right strategy is key to your success, enjoyment and longevity.

Quality of life happens when body/mind become stronger and more capable for day-to-day living and play.

Build Strength … not bulk.

Our team of professional trainers is specifically trained in the Strength Happens fitness process. You'll receive custom-created well-balanced workouts, while avoiding plateaus and injuries. We put you into the right gear at the right time... that's critical.

The Strength Happens training method is many years in the making, and we’ve got a lot of tricks up our sleeves to maximize your results:

Fundamental strength, cardio, and functional training; increasing power though Plyometrics; working with heart rate monitors; developing balance and stretch in various ways including yoga; advanced nutritional guidance. And for the chill down, help yourself to our steam room, or have a massage in our therapy room.

Strength Happens Personal Training.

Your road to optimal fitness starts with a private assessment, consultation, and initial training session. Then you choose one-on-one or group sessions knowing that, with either program, you'll be getting workouts tailored and updated to your changing needs.

Your private assessment includes an in-depth medical and fitness questionnaire, a muscle/fat/water retention composition index, movement and postural analysis, and metabolic rate measurement. These metrics are updated periodically to confirm your progression.

Strength Happens… Tribes!

Since no two people are the same, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t hold up. Workouts must be geared to the individual.

That's why in our groups there are never more than five people with one trainer. That’s a critical distinction.

Strength Happens by designing workout programs based on years of experience, and up-to-date research and science to optimize workout time, avoid plateaus, and eliminate boredom.

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