Mark Lohnes

Meet Mark! If you've ever had the opportunity to workout alongside Mark, you know the infectious joy he brings to all around him. No matter what challenges Richie throws his way, Mark is always willing to give 100% and has a smile while doing it. Give Mark a fist bump the next time you see him!

1. How long have you been doing the SH program and what value has it brought you? 

I've been a part of the Strength Happens program for almost two years now...about a year and nine months.

2. What does strength happens mean to you, and how do you apply it to your day to day life? 

Strength Happens in my everyday life when I am lifting and moving things at work, and when casually competing against friends around a track, up a trail, or climbing stadiums.

3. What activities do you like to do outside of the gym? 

I love biking - the hills of Santa Barbara make a perfect venue for a good climb. I also enjoy hiking, jogging, and relaxing on the beach with a drink in hand.

4. What’s your favorite healthy “go to” snack?

Many - I could eat a whole container of dried figs in one sitting. Strawberries, carrots & peanut butter, greek yogurt & granola - when I'm craving ice cream I might look past the pint and blend up some frozen cherries and a banana or grab some Birthday Cake flavored Halo Top.

5. Top 3 songs on your ideal workout playlist?

1. Jay-Z - My First Song
2. Outkast - B.O.B
3. Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push

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