Cathy and Todd Mullanix


Cathy and Todd have been clients of Strength Happens for the past year and a half. Since they train together, they have been able to experience the benefits of the program together as well. They show us that a couple that trains together, gets stronger together, and stays motivated together. They have both seen great improvements in their strength, endurance, and overall body function. 

1. How long have you been doing the SH program and what value has it brought you? 

C: 1 year, 4 months
T: About a year and a half

2. What does strength happens mean to you, and how do you apply it to your day to day life? 

C: Notice I have a little extra strength or endurance when I do the activities I enjoy. My closet is now 100% accessible due to weight loss. Keeps my boundaries pushed out.
T: It's much easier for me to pick my dog's poo on his walk now. Oh, I just feel better also. 

3. What activities do you like to do outside of the gym? 

C: Yoga. Cycling. Running. Hiking. Gardening
T: Swimming and bike riding

4. What’s your favorite healthy “go to” snack?

C: Cottage cheese with roasted sunflower seeds and tomatoes
T: Apple with almond butter or a yogurt

5. Top 3 songs on your ideal workout playlist?

C: 1. Black Eyed Peas Pump
2. Black Eyed Peas Where is the Love
3.The Killers - All the Things I’ve Done
T: Any AC/DC song

Jacob Tell