Carlin Dunne


Carlin first started Strength Happens when he was getting ready to go break the world record at Pikes Peak. He came in with many old injuries from years of professional motorcycle racing. We worked to correct the biomechanical assyemetries.from injuries that were hindering his performance. While at the same time pushing him to get ready to compete. With the Strength Happens program we are able to keep him at the top of his game no matter what comes his way. 

1. How long have you been doing the SH program? 

Seven years

2. How do you apply SH in your everyday life?

As you would imagine, the SH program helps me to have a mental and physical advantage while I compete. Beyond that, the SH program has helped me to become aware of my bodies needs whether it be dietary, physical, mental, or spiritual, learning to be “tuned in” helps me to be my best and feel my best everyday. 

3. What activities do you like to do outside of the gym? 

I like everything but golf. I want to like it but I’m just so horrible at it, it’s embarrassing. 

4. What’s your favorite healthy “go to” snack? 

I always keep fresh fruits and vegetables around. A avocado with a little garlic salt and pepper or a piece of ripe fruit. 

5. Top 3 songs on your ideal workout playlist?

Bloody Beetroots – My name is thunder
Guns and Roses – Rocket Queen
Daft Punk – Robot Rock Alive ‘07

Carlin Dunne professional moto cycle and mountain biker racer.

Jacob Tell